Award-winning wedding photography – a round-up of a few winners

A selection of examples of my award-winning wedding photography. The ones with rosettes have won in the Master Photographers Association UK Wedding Photographer of the Month competition. The ones without have won something in either the UK or Scotland annual awards. I have the certificates to prove it!

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Clothing Advice For Portrait Sessions

I always take it for granted that everyone always knows what to wear! Or maybe it's that I always end up wearing the same things. Maybe I need to go shopping. For those of you who have more than one choice in their wardrobe you might like to consider these tips when putting together your outfit for a portrait or engagement session.   11 Clothing

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MPA UK Wedding Photographer of the Month

I am very proud to announce that I have achieved second place in the Master Photographers Association UK Wedding Photographer of the Month competition for July. This image from the wedding of Rebecca and James at Carlowrie Castle, Edinburgh, was described by Ray Lowe, Chairman of the MPA, "quite superb, absolutely brilliant, gorgeous, and sheer beauty". Thanks Ray! Wedding Photography Carlowrie Castle Edinburgh

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Award-winning wedding photography

Why I enter wedding photography competitions I've been a qualified member of the Master Photographers Association (MPA) for some years now. Joining a professional qualifying body was always part of my business plan to confirm my status within the photographic industry and give my clients an assurance of quality. Becoming a qualified member requires references, proof of sound business processes, professional insurance, and passing

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Wedding Photography Advice

I was recently interviewed by Tie the Knot Scotland magazine for wedding photography advice. Specifically giving couples tips on getting the most from their photographer and making the most of their photography budget. It's a good article and gives good wedding photography advice. The bottom line is talk to your photographer. Lots! We want to know about you and what you like. We want to

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Wedding Photography Scotland

Wedding Photography Scotland Imagine the following scenario; you have unlimited funds, the freedom to choose any venue you want and most importantly, control over the finicky Scottish weather. The opportunity to create the perfect wedding would be yours, well, in order for that to work, I’m assuming that you’re on the same page with your partner. If not, please revisit our post on Wedding Photography Scotland

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Master Photographer’s Association Scotland Awards

The Oscars of Scottish Photography It felt like a triumph when I was first accepted in to the Master Photographer’s Association. I was scrutinised about the way my business was run, my professional standards, and had to submit a selection of my work  to be judged. Only if I made the pass mark would I be admitted as a qualified member and success was not

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Scottish destination weddings

Scottish destination weddings are amazing! Scotland is a fabulous place to get married. It has amazing scenery, culture, food, castles, and history. It has the world's best hospitality and of course, being the home of golf, some of the best golf courses in the world. There are very many beautiful hotels and spectacular places to visit and get married. Scotland is a wedding and

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An engagement photoshoot on Calton Hill, Edinburgh

Megan and Andrew got engaged over the Christmas holidays. Having moved away from Edinburgh for work, Megan thought it would be nice to do an engagement photoshoot while visiting. Where better than Calton Hill? It has it all; the impressive columns of the National Monument, views of all of Edinburgh’s skyline, and that view down Princes Street you always see on the news. However, the

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I am now a Qualified Master Photographer

I am extremely pleased to announce that I have been accepted in to the Master Photographer’s Association. The reason I am so pleased is that this is one of the best and most difficult photographers’ groups to get in to. Before I could even join as a probationary member I had to provide professional references. I then used their mentoring programme and was assigned Dave

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