Nicole and Simon had their wedding at Melville Castle in Midlothian, just outside Edinburgh. With a late November wedding in Scotland you never can predict what the weather will do. The weather was awful the day before with the rain lashing down for hours. But the day itself dawned dry and just got better.

I arrived early to take some photos of the bride and her maids getting ready. They mostly behaved themselves and were obviously going to enjoy the day very much. The ceremony was a highly emotional affair and there was hardly a dry eye in the house.

After the ceremony there was a little over an hour of daylight left, what with the early sunset at this time of year. What happened next was sublime. The clouds parted and the golden hour sunlight was allowed to slant in through the trees as a mist rose from the river in the cooling air. The conditions were a dream and we got some fabulous portraits.

After that was the breakfast and time to warm up before the real partying began. The dancing went on into the wee small hours…

This was a great wedding to photograph. The couple just got on with enjoying their day and didn’t seem too stressed about anything or worried as to what was supposed to happen next. They just went with the flow. After all, it was their flow.