Kelvingrove Hindu Mandir Wedding Photography

On Friday Kim and Sunil had the first of their weddings in the Kelvingrove Hindu Mandir, Glasgow. The wedding photography started at the groom’s house early in the morning photographing him, his family, and the rituals performed before going to the temple.

At the temple the wedding celebrations were joyous. It started with dancing as soon as the groom arrived, the exchange of garlands between members of the two families, plenty of food, the ceremony itself, and more food. The whole day was a very happy affair and all in glorious technicolour. The vibrant colours were a photographer’s delight.

After all that I returned with the family to the groom’s house for more rituals and fun games. Although I left in the early evening I understand the party went on well in to the night. Which was good going considering the party had stared the night before in a banqueting hall and the couple’s second, christian, wedding was the following day. Of the church wedding – more in a separate post.

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