When Gemma and Alastair approached me about photographing their wedding I was very excited. The couple had put an enormous amount of effort in to planning their wedding and had a very specific idea of the style and look of the day. In addition to this I should also mention that Gemma is a professional artist who clearly knew what she wanted from the photographs and was a very discerning customer.

The wedding was at Wedderburn Castle Barns, Duns, Berwickshire, with the ceremony outside. Gemma and Alastair did not miss a detail. The whole place, inside and out, had been decorated with flowers, bunting and more. Gemma looked fabulous in a dress Audrey Hepburn would have been proud of and Alastair looked sharp in a blue three piece suit. They supplied dried flower petal confetti in cones of rolled-up book pages. After the ceremony there were fairground sideshows to entertain the guests which were very popular. Everywhere you looked they had done something to make the day completely personal. It was brilliant for guests and photographers alike.

The grounds of the Barns provide some great locations for group photos and portraits. Gemma and Alastair were keen to spend a bit of time getting some portraits of just them in several different locations. This really paid-off and we got some great images. However, this still meant that they were probably only away from their guests for about 20 minutes. It is my aim on the day that the bride and groom should be away from their guests for only as long as necessary.

After the breakfast and speeches, and a short comedy film starring them they had made for their guests to watch, it was time to dance the night away in another wing of the Barns. Either that or toast marshmallows over the fire pit outside. There really was something for everyone and something special wherever you looked.

Thanks Gemma and Alastair, I had a great time at your wedding (though there wasn’t a moment’s peace for me).